Commercial Hip-hop • Geneva & Lausanne

Yurizza is an American choreographer who grew up training at top dance studios in Miami and Los Angeles – having trained with Marty Kudelka (Justin Timberlake), Misha Gabriel (Michael Jackson) and Asiel Hardison (Lady Gaga). Now with 12+ years of teaching experience, he gives workshops across Europe; LAX Studio (Paris), Base Dance Studio (London) and The Unity Dance (Vienna) to name a few. The goal of his high-energy teaching style is to bring out the best in his students through a positive and encouraging manner.

Instagram: @YurizzaOfficial

MOLLY HIRT (United Kingdom)

Commercial Jazz / Heels • Geneva

Molly Hirt is a British choreographer who grew up in Switzerland. She has trained in dance since she was a child and graduated from the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts college in the UK. She has recently booked the musical "King" in London and brings a vibrant energy to class to share with her students.

Instagram: @Mollylhirt


ESTEBAN FLORES (Switzerland)

Performance Hip-hop • Lausanne

Esteban is a Swiss choreographer who trained in Los Angeles learning from some of the biggest choreographers and dancers in the industry today. His background and diversity of influences make his style of hip-hop modern and unique. His passion and knowledge of dance and performance are the main points he wants to share with students in his courses.

Instagram: @EstebanFlores7


Street Jazz (Street Fusion) • Lausanne

Laura-Anne is a British choreographer with over 10 years of professional experience. She has performed with numerous artists including Gwen Stefani, Kanye West and Katy Perry. She has also worked on primetime award and television shows such as the

MTV EMA’s, Brit Awards and X Factor and is ready to share her professional insights with students.

Instagram: @LauraAnneGill