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Geneva •  Lausanne • Gland

Esteban is a Swiss choreographer who trained in Los Angeles learning from some of the biggest choreographers and dancers in the industry today. His background and diversity of influences make his style of hip-hop modern and unique. His passion and knowledge of dance and performance are the main points he wants to share with students in his courses.

Instagram: @EstebanFlores7

DANA GARUFI (back January 2024)


Dana is a Swiss multidisciplinary artist. She trained at the Professional Academy of Musical Comedy in Geneva. Her passion for dance led her to improve alongside renowned choreographers in Europe and the USA. Dana is an energetic performer who is passionate to share her style and stage experience with her students.

Instagram: @DanaGarufi

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Laly is a professional and multidisciplinary dancer from France. Having trained in Paris, Los Angeles and Madrid including by Sabrina Lonis and at the regional conservatory of Clermont-Ferrand. Laly has become a performer, perfectionist who defines her dance with a mixture of her commercial street styles, with a lyrical technique and a feminine sensuality.

Instagram: @LalyOP


Geneva •  Lausanne • Gland

Jessica is a choreographer who trained in Switzerland, Los Angeles and Paris. Since 2017, she is the choreographer and member of a dance group in Fribourg and participates every year in the Swiss hip-hop championship. She is also one of the official dancers of the "Miss et Mister Suisse francophone".

Instagram: @JessicaMaiaPinto

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Yurizza is an American choreographer who grew up training at top dance studios in Miami and Los Angeles – having trained with Marty Kudelka (Justin Timberlake), Misha Gabriel (Michael Jackson) and Asiel Hardison (Lady Gaga).

Now with 15+ years of teaching experience, he has given workshops across Europe : LAX Studio (Paris), Base Dance Studio (London) and The Unity Dance (Vienna) to name a few.

The goal of his positive teaching style is to bring out the best in his students through a motivating and fun manner.

Instagram: @YurizzaOfficial

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