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Conditions and School Regulations


Registrations are for a full academic year (from September to mid-June).


It is possible to register during the year, if course places are still available, under the same conditions below.


Each student is required to complete and sign the form received via download link by e-mail when registering on our website and to read our conditions. For minors, parental consent is required. The signed form must be returned by e-mail before the first lesson.


The registration takes place of engagement for the whole school year. Registration can be canceled at any time, but it is non-refundable. There is no refund offered even if you do not attend certain courses or no longer wish to participate in the course(s), regardless of the payment method chosen (annual or in three payments). However, you have the option of reselling your subscription to a third party. In such a case, please inform the school by e-mail (, otherwise the fees remain entirely due until the end of the season.


The only exception: On presentation of a medical certificate from a verified doctor, attesting that you cannot exercise for more than 2 weeks, a prorated refund will be granted. This prorated reimbursement is based on the total amount paid for your registration and the number of courses taking place within the time-frame indicated on the medical certificate. In this case, the certificate must be sent to the school within the month following the stoppage, otherwise the amount remains due.


Three payment options are available at the time of registration:


1) Payment of the annual amount in full by credit card directly on our website

2) Payment of the annual amount in full by bank transfer within 72-hours of reception of the invoice

3) Three payment installments via bank transfer :


  • 1st payment of 250 CHF within 72-hours of reception of the invoice

  • 2nd payment of 250 CHF by December 31, 2023

  • 3rd payment of remaining amount plus 30 CHF administration fee by March 31, 2024


For options 2) and 3), an invoice with QR payment slip will be sent by e-mail within 48 hours of registration.

The prices are adjusted each month for people registering during the semester. 


In the event of late payment, the following penalties apply:


• First delay:
Email reminder that payment must be received within the next 7 days.


•• Second delay:
20 CHF penalty for late payment
Email reminder that payment must be received within the next 7 days. 


••• Third delay:
40 CHF additional penalty for late payment (in addition to the 20 CHF penalty already invoiced during the second delay) followed by a formal notice.

Final reminder by e-mail and the school reserves the right to refuse access to the course until the FULL PAYMENT of the full amount of the subscription pending is received within 48-hours.

If payment has still not been received after the third delay, legal action is reserved.


A free discovery week will be organized in August 2023. Thereafter, any person who has never taken a lesson with the teacher has the possibility of taking a free trial lesson before signing-up. To sign-up for a trial lesson, please send an email to If, following the trial lesson, the student wishes to continue, they must register on our website before the next lesson.


The U Dance Studio reserves the right to modify the course schedule at any moment (timetables and teachers).


If the course teacher is unable to teach the course for any reason:

1) A replacement teacher will teach the course (which could exceptionally be in a different style for one or multiple courses)
2) One or more lessons will be given at a later time (at the latest before the start of the 2024-2025 season).

In the event that the course cannot be taught in a classroom due to the dance space being unavailable for any reason, including federal and / or cantonal restrictions, the courses will continue online via a video conferencing provider such as Zoom, Skype or similar platform. In the case that a vaccination certificate becomes mandatory at any point, the school must abide to the imposed restrictions and the student accepts this possibility by signing-up. No refunds nor credit is given.


The U Dance Studio does not cover the risks of illness and accident, each student must be personally insured. The U Dance Studio is not responsible for damage, accidents and / or injuries sustained during the course or on the course premises, as well as for any theft or loss in the locker room. The student is fully responsible for his or her personal well-being and personal items.


When a minor student is absent, parents must inform the school by e-mail no later than one hour before class.


Outside of actual class hours, the students are no longer under the supervision or responsibility of The U Dance Studio.


The presence of parents, family and the general public is not authorized during the lessons. Open House courses that parents can attend will be organized occasionally during the year and announced by e-mail.


It is forbidden for parents, family or any public outside the school to photograph or film any student or group of students during lessons without the permission of the teacher.


Unless otherwise indicated by the student or his legal representative, The U Dance Studio reserves the right to use the student's photographic and / or filmed images in class or in the workshop for any marketing and communication purposes. In case of refusal from the student or his legal representative, the student will not be able to participate in lessons during which a professional videographer is present.


Appropriate attire as well as respectful behavior towards everyone is required on the school premises. Mobile phones must be silenced in class. A student may be denied access to the course for the following reasons: inappropriate behavior, non-compliance with school regulations.


Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the studios. Only indoor sneakers or heels with non-marking soles that have never been used outside of a dance class are authorized for lessons. Foods and sugary drinks are prohibited in the studios. Please respect the cleanliness of the premises and the equipment made available.


Classes are not held during public holidays and the following dates:

• 21.10.2023 – 29.10.2023
• 23.12.2023 – 07.01.2024
• 19.02.2024 – 23.02.2024
• 29.03.2024 – 14.04.2024

• 14.10.2023 – 29.10.2023
• 23.12.2023 – 07.01.2024
•10.02.2024 – 18.02.2024
• 29.03.2024 – 14.04.2024

The final day of class is June 14, 2024.


These conditions are subject to Swiss law. The Geneva and Vaud courts have jurisdiction in the event of disputes.

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